• 2023年5月5日
  • 2023年5月5日

Strings and Syllables: The Power of English in the Music Industry

English is the language of music and the industry is thriving because of it. From timeless classics to modern hits, the power of English words and melody never fails to make us sing along. The string of syllables that come together in perfect harmony is what makes music universal, and English has become the language that connects us all.

  • 2023年5月5日
  • 2023年5月5日

Melodic Merriment: Keeping Violinists Smiling

The violin is a magical instrument that can bring tears to your eyes or make you dance with joy. But practicing for hours can be dreary. So, how can we keep violinists smiling? By adding some melodic merriment to their routine! Here are some tips to make practicing more fun and enjoyable.


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